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Our Funding Philosophy

We support and invest in film, television, digital media projects, screen industry practitioners and screen businesses.

We provide funding at various stages of development across screen platforms, for early career through to established practitioners.

Our funding is targeted towards:


To encourage producers to bring their film and television projects to Melbourne and Victoria.

Assigned Production Investment - Film and TV

 To support original, marketable, quality film and television projects that are ready to move into production and can attract Australian and global audiences

Assigned Production Investment - Games 

To support Victorian games companies to create a diverse range of games for any distribution platform with an emphasis on the creation of intellectual property (IP) and long term benefits for business

Audience engagement

To support exciting opportunities for Victorian audiences to engage with screen events

Skills development

To support Victorian screen practitioners to develop skills, expertise and industry knowledge, and give local companies the potential to source skilled staff to strengthen and grow their businesses  


To support Victorian practitioners to attend overseas markets and undertake international travel to benefit financing, sales, marketing and business opportunities

Fiction Development - Film and TV

To support writers and producers to develop high quality narrative fiction projects 

Documentary Development - Film and TV

To support Victorian producers, writers and researchers of documentary projects in the development of quality pitching proposals, treatments or scripts 


To support Victorian animators and animation companies to create a demo or teaser for an animated series concept

Cash Flow

To provide loans to meet the cashflow requirements of production.

Each year we look at our programs and services and as a result we have some updates which will take effect from 1 July, 2015. See our FAQs for more details. 


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